Weekly Group Calls – Sense Making Calls

We facilitate these calls to allow people to discuss what they are going through, what they’re struggling with or stuck on, and help them resolve their challenges as a group. It’s a supportive, non-competitive, yet positively challenging environment that is designed to allow the space for transformation to unfold.

Besides regular weekly sense making calls, we also host one free sense making call each month for all course participants. Participating in the free call is a great chance for newbies to get their feet wet and see if they feel ready to join the weekly sense making calls.

Group Guidelines

In the group calls, we practice a form of collective intelligence. This is a phenomenon that emerges when several people come into coherence with each other while working towards a common goal or common understanding. Collective intelligence in a well-functioning group surpasses the sum of its parts.

Here is what happens when you practice collective intelligence in the group calls:

  • Your ego quiets down, because you are not here to compete with anyone or prove anything.
  • You seek to add to collective understanding, rather than trying to prove a point.
  • You speak when spoken through. This means speaking for the benefit of the group, rather than your own benefit. It’s better to stay silent than speak just for the sake of saying something.
  • You are open to give, and not trying to fix anyone, but simply remaining open to share something that might help others.
  • You are open to receive. Participants often say they got exactly what they needed without asking for it, but by simply tapping into the coherence of the group and remaining open to insights and lessons.

It can be tempting to think you already know something, or to want to show it off. Instead, come into the calls with the mindset that there is always more to learn, deeper understandings to be had, and practices to be mastered. When you remain open in this way, the insights tend to reveal themselves, and the group dynamic helps to accelerate the processes that are already under way within yourself.

The longer the sense making calls go on, the better the group know each other and get the rhythm of the conversation, so you will benefit most by participating regularly in the group calls.

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